Mettle. It’s what you’re made of. It’s what you do when you are being tested – being pushed past your limits.

For some, it’s the steady voice in their mind telling them that it’s OK to quit. Others have quit before you, so you won’t be the first. You’re hurt, you’re in pain, and you can’t go on anyways. So go ahead, ring the bell. Walk away. You gave it your best shot.

For a select few, however, there is another voice. Amidst the drumbeat of resigned voices telling them they’ve suffered long enough, a small voice speaks. I AM NOT FINISHED. I will press on.

I will give everything within myself, and then still push forward. That’s Mettle.

GymMettle started as a small group of friends who chose to heed the call to push past their physical limits, who set out to find out how strong and how resilient the human body truly can become. Through the passion of these founding GymMettle members, a movement began. GymMettle now operates as a network of garage gyms and training groups throughout the Chattanooga/Cleveland, TN, Nashville/Gallatin, TN and Virginia Beach, VA metro areas. GymMettle members come together as a group on a recurring basis to push each other past the limits that they would train to on their own. Training sessions consist of strength training, heavy functional fitness, cardiovascular endurance and mobility. Between group training, members continually update each other on training routines and updated goals.

GymMettle Group Training is by INVITE ONLY. Those who think they have what it takes can submit a request for trial membership by contacting Group Training sessions are scheduled in coordination with all members. Specific training movements/lifts are not published in advance of the session; however, Group Training sessions are full body workouts and should be planned for accordingly.

GymMettle. Prove you’re alive.